Community Development Center

Our community development center (CDC) provides not for profit programs, offers services and engages in activities that promote and support community development. Our CDC provides a variety of activities including economic development, education, community organizing and exercise. All current Covid 19 restrictions and requirements are in full effect until further notice.  Masks are mandatory.

Some of our member services include but not limited to:

• Community Room for meetings and special events
• Modern Kitchen with all amenities
• Computer Learning Center (which included 14 computer workstations ) includes ADA workstation
• Computer Classes from beginners to Advanced
• Fully equipped exercise equipment room
• Volunteers that offer Zumba Classes, Exercise Equipment training
• Movie Night
• Fax machine and other office services

Computer Learning Center

Computers are an essential part of our daily lives but they can be intimidating to learn how to use, especially if you’ve never used one before.

 Even if you are accomplished with computers, you may need to learn new skills. Our new Computer Learning Center in our Community Development Center (CDC) offers our members computer classes (taught every week) at a variety of learning levels.

We have 14 computer workstations to offer our members. You’ll learn to use the keyboard and mouse, navigate the Windows Operating Systems, access the internet and use email, create documents, shop safely on-line and much more.


Call the CDC today to learn more!