The Board

The affairs of the Corporation are governed by a Board of Directors composed of five (5) persons (hereinafter the Board). The Board is comprised of a talented group of individuals dedicated to the Oak Center Homes community. Each member lends their experience from their professional lives and their desire to have the best community in Oakland. Directors are elected or appointed for a one-year (annual) term.

Finding directors that will exercise the best mix of responsible oversight and appropriate level of control means locating and recruiting people with the best skills, as well as the wisdom, honesty, and spirit of public service to guide our community through the good times and the bad.

Our Board oversaw, with a great attention to details, the $10,000,000 rehabilitation of Victorian era duplexes and multi-unit buildings, all with the focus on preserving the historic aspect for the neighborhood while significantly upgrading the interior of the units.

Janice Starks


Barbara Stewart

Vice President

Denise Walker




Shirley Foster

Board Member

Ursula Abrams



Our renovation brought out the true beauty of our homes